The beauty of the natural scenery of Holland

When you think of Holland, the first images that come up in your mind are the typical windmills, wooden clogs and many flowers, mostly tulips. But the Dutch photographer Albert Dross, specializing in landscapes, goes beyond. It captures spectacular natural sceneries that show both the Dutch architecture, the rivers, and flowers, but also images of the interior of the country, including rivers, farms, and forests.

Symmetry and colors adorn the landscape.

The reflection of a beautiful and harmonious city.

Sun rays penetrate the Irretocável forest, creating a magical setting.

A mystical road.

A beautiful scenery of purple color: the sky and flowers create an impressive scenery.

Even the sun seems to be inspired by the beauty of flowers.

Flower detail.

Windmills, typical of the beautiful Dutch scenery.

Lush night scenery.

A bucolic scenario in the interior of Holland.

A typical Dutch farm. That’s beautiful.

The kitties don’t seem to care about the Lightning and thunder.

The Mist embellishes nature even more.

What a wonderful sunrise!

A burst of stars adorns this natural scenery even more.

The typical and beautiful Dutch architecture.

The river lives in harmony with the houses.

The river reflects the beautiful colors of the houses.

Spectacular sunset.

The beauty of the forest in the fall.

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